Monthly Archives: August 2009

Someone, somewhere…

…is eating my marshmallow at a campfire beneath a tarp in the rain.

We pulled the plug on the Carolina trip due to weather and illness. I’m walking around with the swine flu lite or the walking p’monia. So much for vacation. If you don’t know how to do it, do you deserve the privilege?

Instead of resting by that river in the woods I made some casual inquiries into purchasing a home, only to realize there is nothing casual about it. Let’s see, what is the perfect metaphor?

If you are going to knock over one Harley-Davidson you might as well knock over them all.

Casual house buying is like…casual skydiving?

Mentioning you might want to buy a house is like mentioning you might have a bomb at the airport?

I guess it would be good, although those of you who say renting is throwing money away annoy the shit out of me. You purchased some shelter right? It’s not like you bought a ticket to those Michael Jackson concerts in London. Getting stuck in an upside-down mortgage? Now that is throwing your money away.

Anyway, as you can see, it has now taken over my awesome bike blog.

At least the house has a “mudroom” with 3 pre-set hooks for my fleet.



Despite my big talk, the marquee event on this vacation is sleep. Hours and hours of endless dreaming. This vacation is sponsored by Goodie P:M sleepytime headache powders. I assume I am saving up on sleep in preparation for the sleepless hell I am about to encounter grunting lost in the mountains, cursing the day I ever took that job living in the kitchen in Moose, WY working for Soup, Mystery, Cupcake, Hardman, or the most damning name of all-Steve Newman!

Meanwhile, after kicking and clawing his way out of the swine flu Sasquatch has discovered a new lease on life through the total life management system. This website offends me and everything for which I stand. Lance’s lifestyle army wants to know everything you eat, everything you do, and it offers preloaded non-custom critique of those choices. Had a bagel? Should have had spelt bread! Ran a mile? Should have run two! I hereby dub that site the “should” factory. He thinks it is free, but I feel strongly there is a price to be paid along the way. It is likely more dangerous than Facebook.

Then again, maybe it is an excellent tool, made available from a place of altruism deep inside Lance Armstrong’s cold reptilian heart.


Stupid and Polluted

I think this picture speaks for itself. It seems like every other day there is a reason to abandon the wagon. A birthday, a friend in town, the price of gas dropped two cents, whatever. I think this August I will squander all of the fitness I earned through miserable June and July with my smoothies and solo grinds. I’m an extroverted guy, all of that focus and isolation is bad for me. With all of the negative attention on “manifestos” out there I decided it was time to put mine down for a while and rejoin the world. Remind me of this when I am sucking wind at San Felasco please.

Bottoms up!


A Nice Ride

Stifling heat and humditiy out there in the forest yesterday, but at least the trail was soft and sandy. Every inch of the 20 some miles of singletrack felt like I was towing a fat kid on a skateboard. I guess that was my inner child? No matter, Soup and I got it done and had plenty of time to discuss next week’s outing to North Carolina. He is thinking 10 hour beatdowns. I’m thinking 3 hour ride arounds.

I don’t want any suffering that isn’t absolutely necessary.