Monthly Archives: September 2009

Travel is Glamorous

There is no Prana in the Atlanta airport. The air tastes scorched and acrid, circulating just enough O2 to maintain a dwindling life force. The food, served by Somalis, Kurds,and Malaysians does not look like the food from their homelands or mine, and watch out for the chicken salad.

I ride the escalator down to the shuttle under a shower of Ah-Choo!ing snotty babies and sniffling, Scotch-eyed businessmen smearing H1N1 and a family reunion of Rhino virus strains along the sticky handrails.

Maybe a Cinnabon will make it all better?


I admit the robot army has not evolved into the riding force I initially envisioned. There have been problems with shipping, problems with training, but I think things are back on track. I deployed model 1: Magnum, and model II: Splinter Cell, into the forest today.

Quite different in design and purpose, they nevertheless performed exactly as they were developed to do- make me feel faster than someone.

Robot Army ATTACK!



Looking for a house really teaches you the value of a dollar. That is why I am very curious about the quarter million bucks that is about to be spread around improving and enhancing the Munson Hills/ Twilight trail area. So far the only change I have seen is that somebody dragged the bike rack (capacity 5) about 15 feet at the trailhead, placing it adjacent to the kiosk. A modest, well-chosen first move- I hope we have some cash left to add enough pressure to the water fountain to properly fill a bottle.

The Forest Service pulled our best man off the job and secured the help of some trail bigshots. I, personally, feel our best man was the answer- and he would have cared for that trail until we buried him there all for the cost of a few shovels.

Where would you put the $250,000? I would use some of it to add a tunnel under the powerlines that played Black Sabbath and had those glow-in-the-dark star stickers all over it.

S’quatch suggested about $248,000 would be for improved parking lots, the remaining $2,000 might buy signs which indicate something, anything to help us get out of the woods when we are sick of riding the twilight trail after two or three hours of confused looping.

So where would you put the loot?

As for the house hunt- it looks like I can afford a commercial size dumpster with a four shopping cart add-on (for guests.) Lot not included.

I help the little children, so I’m told my reward awaits in heaven.